WUSA to relaunch news in HDTV

Lost Remote: WUSA to relaunch news in HDTV WUSA in Washington DC is going to become the first local newscast to air in HDTV. While historic, a local newscast is probably the last thing you have been craving to see in HDTV — still, if even a local newscast feels that it makes economic sense to broadcast in HDTV this does say something about adoption of HDTV or at least expected adoption in the short term. Personally I’m still looking forward to the day when CNBC begins broadcasting in HD. Maria Bartiroma on the floor of the New York stock exchange would look pretty cool.

And my only comment on the Academy Awards (other than it was cool that Sideways made it anywere near the thing, and it was great watching it without commercials by recording it and then coming back 45 minutes into it after the kids were down) was that if you thought that dress looked cool on Hilary Swank, you should have seen it in high def.

Thanks, Lost Remote!