Orb Media Wants to Make Your Media Portable

Red Herring Blog: How portable is my media?: The Red Herring picks up on the Orb Media story today.

I’m pretty interested in all of this Orb Media stuff but I’m still not sure if it is right for me. If my MCE “my music” is extremely slow as it is on a wired gigabit network in my home, how much slower will it be when streamed by Orb?

If it takes me 3 minutes to load up a song in Media Center Edition will it still take three minutes to load up the same song on my cell phone or laptop? It sounds like interesting technology but I also question how well it will work given limited connectivity. Although I long for a day when I’m 100% wi-fi connected I’m afraid that may still be several years off.

Can I listen to my music on BART where I have no cell phone or wi-fi signal?

And what is the sound and video fidelity like? I can’t imagine that the service can stream HDTV.

The $79.99 per year barrier also seems significant for mass consumer adoption to me. Kind of like Starbucks trying to charge for wi-fi or Boingo service. Yes, there will be a limited type of use of this technology for people who travel a lot but I’m still skeptical as to the mass market adoption. I may have to try it myself at some point but for the time being I’m not willing to invest $80 to try it out for a year. I worry that this may be more hype on technology that is not quite there yet today.

We will see.

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