BBC News Picks Up on the IPTV Story

BBC NEWS | Technology | TV’s future down the phone line: “Microsoft is one of the companies that started thinking about IPTV some time ago.

‘We believe this will be the way all TV is delivered in the future – but that is several years away,’ said Ed Graczyk, director of marketing for Microsoft IPTV.

‘As with music, TV has moved to digital formats.

‘The things software can do to integrate media into devices means a whole new generation of connected entertainment experiences that cross devices from the TV, to the mobile, to the gaming console and so on.’

It intends its Microsoft’s IPTV Edition software, an end-to-end management and delivery platform, to let telcos to do exactly that, seamlessly.

It has netted seven major telcos as customers, representing a potential audience of 25 million existing broadband subscribers.”