More on TiVo’s ‘Pop-Up’ Ads and Microsoft’s Smart Skip User Interface

BetaNews | TiVo Begins Testing of ‘Pop-Up’ Ads Well all I can say is that for all the BS about DirecTV TiVo users being limited and not having the HME or network capability etc., at least we don’t have to put up with this crap.

This is incredibly short sighted for TiVo and will hurt them in the long run. Their advertising revenue represents such a minor amount of profit for the company. I can’t believe that they don’t see that this strategy will only hurt them in the end.

Although it is still in concept phase over at Microsoft Research, it is interesting to look at what they are doing with fast forward / rewind. Hopefully we will see this kind of innovative feature added to Media Center with the next release. For a video demo of the new fast forward / rewind technology click on the 2nd link below. The first link is a .pdf on the technology. Very slick.

smartskipfinal.pdf (application/pdf Object) You’ve gotta love the great folks over at Microsoft Research!

So let’s see, Microsoft with no ads and potentially this amazing new smart skip interface technology or TiVo with ads being shot at me that are so big sometimes that I don’t even know when to stop fast forwarding. One more thing to put on the scale when weighing between a Media Center PC or a TiVo box.

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  1. Dave2 says:

    Microsoft is so huge and wealthy that they don’t have to care what television networks might think. If they complain too loudly, Bill Gates could always BUY the networks with some pocket change he digs out of his sofa cushions.

    TiVo, on the other hand, is a small company who is bleeding cash… they are trying to survive by pleasing the networks to avoid lawsuits they cannot afford and finding new sources of revenue wherever they can. Unfortunately, they are making really stupid choices that are infuriating even their most loyal customers. They keep forgetting that if they don’t make their customers happy FIRST, everything else is moot. Sad really.