Mark Cuban for President, Again

I’m thinking about just naming every post that I write about Mark Cuban as Mark Cuban for President for a while. This guy is great. He pays for Grokster’s defense, he does great things to promote the adoption and development of HDTV and other digital technologies. He says that he won’t use the broadcast flag. Heck, he even steps up and pays CBGB’s bills when they can’t. I love it when we see someone make a bunch of money in tech and then use it to do good things. Cuban’s latest challenge is to the RIAA, perhaps the most despised group in digital technology — an easy target.

So I’m no Karl Rove, but there is something about the Cuban/Kahle presidential ticket that sounds really really good to me.

Wired has a piece on The Cuban Revolution and Chris Anderson has a piece on Mark Cuban as the ultimate “Longtailer.”