Digital Media Server — is the Momitsu a Good Option?

eHomeUpgrade | Momitsu MS-R5 1TB / 1.6TB Media Server This may be exactly the thing that I need for all of my digital media — or something else like this. Does anyone have any experience with either this product or others like it? Would this work as a central storage place for all of my .mp3s to be used by my home office PC and my Media Center PC? If I ran out of room on this server could I just easily add a second one?

One thing I don’t like about about this server (although this would probably be true of any Raid server) is that it seems like under Raid 0 (the best performance standard) that if one drive goes out you lose all of your data. Ouch! With drive faliures being what they are this could be a really bad thing. And with Raid 5 you lose a third of your storage capacity.

How significantly would the performance be improved over USB 2 external hard drives? And does anyone have any recommendations on external hard drives. I’ve had bad luck with Maxtors (several have failed). I had a horrible experience with LaCie (I returned the drive) and the Cobra that I bought to try something different is very close to failing now.

The fail rate of my external disc drives seems very high and I routinely get I/O device errors when trying to copy large batches of files.