Please Someone Tell Me This is an Ugly Rumor

eHomeUpgrade | Has the “Broadcast Flag” Gone into Effect Early? Both eHome Upgrade and PVRblog have posts out right now regarding a rumor that viewers were not able to pause or fastforward HD versions of the Fox hit show 24 this week. Personally I find these reports extremely unbelievable and it would really surprise me (and others are skeptical of these reports as well) to find this kind of technology disabled. The PVRblog post also references a post on the subject at

The affected issue seems to so far be restricted to Comcast PVRs. Although I don’t watch the show 24 or own a Comcast HDTV box, I’m going to be sure and record 24 next week on my HDTV DirecTV TiVo and will report back on my own experience. Hopefully this is not true.

There may be something to this or this may be an example of a PR stunt or an inept end user (hey sometimes those pause and fast forward buttons can be really difficult to operate after a 12 pack of Mickey’s Big Mouth). If anyone else has any input on this feel free to chime in. It would be great to see someone from Fox confirm or deny this report.

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  1. The comments on PVRblog make it sound like Comcast was having problems, which would explain it. If your PVR is hosted at the cable company, problems on their end become problems on your end.

    Or it could be that transitional fair use they keep scaring me with.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Its just a rumor.

    Im in SF Bay area with a DCT 6412 Dual Tuner PVR. No problems whatsover with 24. I played the program half hour after the recording started, FF commercials etc.

    Overall Im very happy with the DCT 6412 and overlook crash bugs, strange UI for the fantastic HD picture quality. My TiVo is always my backup so I can watch upstairs, but I havent missed any favorite recordings so far.

    You read about other people’s experiences at the AVS Forum on the SF Bay HDTV Comcast thread:;=357896


  3. Anonymous says:

    I have a comcast DVR with HD (the one running msft software) and I was able to pause and fast forward during 24. No issue there, looks like it’s just a rumor…

  4. mja says:

    It’s definitely not a rumor! I have a Comcast HD tumer/DVR and live in the Chicago area. I can confirm that the fwd/rwd/pause/skip/repeat functions were disabled for the latest episode of Fox’s “24”. I recorded it in HD. I don’t know if the standard def. version was similarly disabled. The only functions that were allowed were Stop and Play, so you had to actually stop the playback and exit the to the DVR screen if you wanted to stop the playback.

    Maybe it was a problem with Comcast, or maybe it was an initial test of the “broadcast flag” technology that is coming out soon. I’d be interested in learning which is the case.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Not a rumor. I’m in Richmond on Comcast with the dual tuner Motorola DVR box. I didn’t play back 24 in HD until today and all except stop and play were disabled. This is not a remote, batteries, etc. problem. There is actually a circle with a slash through it that appears on the timeline when FF or Pause is pressed. This is not funny. I wonder if those who watched it live were able to pause and ff, but is would act differently when played from My DVR? Not happy.