AV Software Releases an Update to Album Art Fixer, Version 1.5 Now Available

Last week I wrote a review on a newly released really helpful little utility called Album Art Fixer. Album Art Fixer allows you to save potentially hundreds of hours of time in automating the way that you find missing album artwork for Windows Media Player and Microsoft’s Media Center Edition Software. Well as quickly as the software was released the folks over at AV Software are already out with an upgrade to version 1.5.

One of the minor complaints I had about the first version of Album Art Fixer was that it used Internet Explorer as the sole browser to find your album art. Although I was really happy last weekend to add a bunch of new artwork to my music library, after a weekend of using IE I just felt really dirty — like I needed to take a long hot shower even after running both Adaware and Spybot at the end of my session. I gave up on IE a long time ago tired of having my PC continuously bombarded and infected with spyware and adware. I now use Firefox exclusively and am a much happier camper.

One of the improvements in version 1.5 is that the software now automatically searches with the users default browser. This is a great improvement and now I can use Firefox to find my album art without all of that spyware that is thrown at me from image searches using IE.

Among other things, the upgrade also improves on some of the error handling when glitches do take place in the software.

I’m going to test out the new version this weekend and will report back. And once again, thanks to Ries van Moorselaar and the guys at AV Software for putting this great utility together.