Album Art Fixer Review, Two Thumbs Up!

Wow! Let me say it again. Wow! Album Art Fixer is one amazing piece of software. Despite the expected bugs here and there, this freeware (donations happily accepted via Pay Pal) utility is one of the most impressive pieces of code that I’ve seen in a number of years. 1. Microsoft should quickly buy this software and incorporate the technology into their Windows Media Player. 2. Wow! I mentioned yesterday that I’d be trying this software out this weekend and I am seriously impressed.

So what does Album Art Fixer do?

Well being an avid .mp3 collector over the years I’ve built up an impressive library. The problem? Many of my tracks have missing or incorrect artwork. We’ve all become familiar with the famous blue note of death that Microsoft uses as the default image when it can’t find album art. As much as Media Center Edition and Windows Media Player 10 provide a platform to beautifully display album art, when the album art is missing it’s just plain annoying. This is where Album Art Fixer comes in.

Album Art Fixer does a quick scan of you library (through WMP). It then begins an analysis of your music to look for problems. First and foremost it finds albums that are missing artwork or that have the Microsoft “blue note” as the default artwork. You go through your library album by album. You can chose to either skip an album (possibly you still may need to go back and fix manually later) or you can choose to let Album Art Fixer correct the album for you. If the artwork is already correct Album Art Fixer automatically skips it. So you only see the albums that need work. (See below).

AV Soft’s Album Art Checker’s Fix Tags

Once a problem album is identified you have the opportunity to have Album Art Fixer correct a number of things. Album Art, Album Artist meta tag, track numbering and location of tracks.

I found that for the vast majority of pretty mainstream stuff Album Art Fixer found the artwork quickly without a problem. It uses Google Images to actually go out and search for the album covers for you allowing you a convenient and quick way to “save as” these files into your music library. I was surprised that Album Art Fixer even found some of the more obscure titles in my collection.

Album Art Fixer uses Google Image Search to find missing album art for your Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center library.

I encountered a few bugs along the way (the software would occasionally hang and get stuck when it hit an album) but 1. C’mon on it’s free and 2. Any minor inconvenience with a bug here and there was so insignificant in the big picture of what this software allows me to accomplish.

Previous to discovering Album Art Fixer I was doing much of this stuff manually myself. This piece of software will save me hundreds of hours in updating my mp3 library. It really is amazing. Hats off to the guys who developed it.

The software works with both Windows Media Player 9 and 10 (although if anyone is still using 9 you should immediately rush out and download 10 as quickly as you can, it really is a nice upgrade).

It’s nice every now and again to find a little piece of software here or there that just totally impresses you. Nice work AV Software and again, all I can say is wow… well wow and thanks.

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  1. Unfortunately it doesn’t work automatically with cases where WMP has misidentified albums and consequently downloads incorrect album art.

    I’ve posted 6 or 7 bugs back to the developers, some mild, some more serious.

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    I found the similar issue when WMP misidentifies albums but I also found that I could manually adjust the text in the Google search from within the program and still mostly get what I needed.

    This is obviously a fairly new effort with the software being less than a week old and being developed by an individual for his own use vs. some big company like Microsoft developing it. Given these factors I think I’m far more accepting of any bugs. I’m sure some of these will be corrected — but even to have it work 80% of the time is a HUGE timesaver for those of us with large digital libraries.

    Hats off again to Ries van Moorselaar and AV Software.

  3. Lars Schou says:

    Is there a way to make WMP use art embedded in MP3 files by iTunes? Alternatively, is there a utility which will extract and save the art in the required format?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Try itunes art importer

  5. Anonymous says:


    Does this add the artwork to the .mp3 file itself? i.e when you choose a track in WMP and right click ‘advanced tag editor’. Go to the Picture tab. Does the picture appear there after using this program?.. If so that would be great as i have the artwork but its not linked to the mp3 itself. Please let me know.. Thanks