You Know What I Hate About Flickr?

Update: Thanks to George Hotelling for pointing out that I had no idea what I was talking about. It’s actually pretty easy to save a photo to your PC from Flickr. Mea Culpa.

You know what I hate about Flickr? I hate that I can’t right click on photos and “save as” on to my computer.

The whole proprietary things with Flash that won’t let you save photos to your hard drive is stupid. The whole point of my allowing everyone in the free world access to my photos on Flickr is that I don’t care if they own them on their hard drive. If I was not giving them away then I wouldn’t put them on flickr for all to see in the first place. Flickr should allow users to publish their photos in non Flash format or at least change the permission on the Flash screen to allow download of the image. Yes I can always do a screen print but you lose a lot of resolution this way.

I can understand having an option to prevent download of photos on Flickr should someone choose to add this feature to their photos, but for the rest of us don’t penalize us.

And while we’re at it, you know what I hate about Google Image Search? 1. Half the time it seems that actual photo that coincides with the thumbnail photo on their search site has been removed and you can’t actually get to the photo 2. The images are terribly antiquated and we were promised an update a while back that I’ve never seen materialize and 3. Google should have a mechanism where users can submit their own photos into Google image search and tag them accordingly. I’d love to be able to submit my own photos to Google Image Search of say, New York, and have them available for anyone to view or download.

Personally the reason that I publish my own photographs on my blog is that I welcome people the opportunity to both view them and download and make them their own. So if you have the interest, feel free to go to my photoblog and download whatever you’d like. It’s as simple as “right click” “save as” to your hard drive and you know have your own Thomas Hawk original! Here’s a tip, if you click on the photo before saving it you can get a larger high res version for yourself. Google, I’m looking forward to the day when my photographs end up in your image searches and Flickr, once you allow people to download photos from my site I’ll be more inclined to upload more of mine there.