You Know What I Hate About Thomas Hawk…

…he has a tendency to shoot his mouth off and get wound up before he knows what he’s talking about. In my post yesterday, “You Know What I Hate About Flickr” I proceeded to criticize the company for what I thought was their attempt to prevent me from downloading Flickr images. At present they use flash which doesn’t allow the typical “right click” “save as” so that I can save images from Flickr to my hard drive.

An obviously more tech savvy individual than myself, George Hotelling, was quick to point out that in actuality if you click on the little button “All Sizes” to the right of an image you can easily download it. The usage of flash is actually more to allow people the ability to annotate photos and the what not, not to somehow be protective of the images.

In any event, thanks for pointing this out George and my apologies to Flickr for not researching this a little bit better before I shot my mouth off. By the way, my Flickr page is here and I hope to add more photos to it shortly.

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  1. That’s what’s great about blogging, angry accusations and mea culpas. Of course that would never happen to me!

  2. Mary Forrest says:

    I might be wrong, but I don’t always see that “All Sizes” option when I view a photo on Flickr. I always see it when I view MY photos, but when I’m on someone else’s account, that option doesn’t seem to show up for me. Which leads me to believe you were originally correct in your assertion that Flickr not letting you save photos is bullshit. If I am wrong, PLEASE let me know. It would be oh so helpful and would also help to maintain my impressive rightness average.