TiVo to Go now available

Yahoo! News – TiVo Unveils Portable Transfer Service Well it’s pretty silly really to have TiVo to Go unveiled on January 3, when Ramsay said that it would be here by year-end but hey nice turn around and way to deliver by year-end, sort of.

As suspected TiVo to go is only available for standalone Series 2 units. It requires Micrsoft’s operating system. It doesn’t allow you to copy Macrovision copy protected shows.

Still wish there was an upgrade path for Series 1 users or a way for DirecTV users to get TiVo to Go, but there are understandable reasons why these won’t take place. Still, it makes me wonder how significant of an offering this is when it is available to less than half of your current customers due to these limitations.

Slashdot’s already Slashdotted it this morning. There is some speculation over at Slashdot that it may take several weeks to get the software to use TiVo to Go but the TiVo press release says that it will be installed on the TiVo unit with the next automatic update. Some people on the Slashdot boards are also complaining that the service is not available to DirecTV/TiVo users.

Michael Gartenberg (who still really should turn the comments on on his blog) has his comments on the service here.

TiVoBill has a pretty informative thread on the subject at TiVo Community here.