Comcast HDTV PVR

james duncan davidson / weblog: High Definition PVR Arrives Although it does not appear James Duncan Davidson’s Comcast box is running the new Microsoft software like the Washington pilot program, it appears that Comcast is aggresively rolling out HDTV PVRs in Portland. Another end user report on the upgrade to a Comcast PVR – a Motorola DCT6412 HDTV PVR specifically.

The article has some additional details on Comcast’s HDTV PVR program that sound correct but probably should come with a grain of salt as they were shared by the tech installing the box. Such as the cost of the HDTV to Comcast is $800, that you have to have a perfect credit history with Comcast to get one, that they will allow you later to hook up external hard drives for additional storage and that at present they are only allowing one per household due to a shortage of the units.

As the owner’s manual of this unit shows a different look than the Microsoft/Comcast software, I’m assuming that this is a different Comcast HDTV PVR system. I wonder why Comcast is not also rolling out the Microsoft PVR software in Portland as well.

Here is a copy of the manual for this PVR which includes screenshots of the system.

(Thanks, Backup Brain)

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