Michael Ramsay on Michael Powell

Michael Ramsay issued a statement today on his feelings of immense love for outgoing FCC Chairman Michael Powell.

“FCC Chairman Michael K. Powell will be sorely missed by all of us at TiVo. Chairman Powell has made an indelible contribution to a digital revolution that is only beginning to shape our lives in the 21st Century. He understands the full implications of that revolution for consumers and our country. He has shown a remarkable ability to focus on policies that permit the forces of competition and innovation to shape the development of digital technologies to their full potential. In these formative years of the digital era, he will be remembered and valued as a leader who saw a future of abundant choice and knew how to get there.”

Of course it probably didn’t hurt that Powell was reported to have referred to TiVo as “God’s Machine.”

Now, for the next trick, how about getting him to step on to the TiVo Board?