Is Something Up with Google Image Search?

I’m not exactly sure what is going on with Google’s Image Search, and maybe it’s nothing, but prior to this weekend I’d never, to my knowledge, ever received an inbound link to my site from a Google Image Search. Then, wham, in the past few days I’ve had 50 hits at my site directed from Google’s Image Search. It’s showing up in sitemeter as coming from “”

These hits are coming from unique domains and ip addresses.

I’m not sure if Google has finally completed the announced upgrade of images to their image search or if this somehow ties in with the new version of Picasa but it is unusual traffic. I wonder if anyone else has noticed recent traffic coming from Google Images.

I am using Hello Picasa to upload my photos to blogger (both Google properties) and this also may have something to do with the increased traffic, especially in light of the upgrade yesterday of Picasa to their new Picasa 2.

…Or maybe then again this is nothing.