In Depth: Media Center Extenders – Xbox vs HP

The Nears – Digital Media, Digital Family ? Blog Archive ? In Depth: Media Center Extenders – Xbox vs HPPeter Near has a pretty detailed write up on some of the Media Center Extenders out right now. I haven’t yet started playing with Extenders yet but could in the future.

“There is no clear recommendation here, youíll need to balance your options and decide whatís right for you. My suggestion:

* If you can live with a little extra noise in your living room and donít need wireless connectivity, the XBox extender is the best value overall

* If you want silence in your stereo rack and think you might want wireless connectivity, go for the HP or Linksys extender

Personally, the XBox has taken the key position in my home theater now and Iím happier for the change. It does everything I need, does it faster than the HP, and is easier for family and guests to figure out.”

Nice work Peter.