TiVo Ready to Fast Forward?

TiVo Ready to Fast Forward? | PVRblog PVRblog points us to an article from Harvard Business School written after a talk there by TiVo CEO Mike Ramsey.

I think that the author of the piece, Sean Silverthorne, accurately identifies and outlays the problems ahead for TiVo including more significant competition as well as the fact that in their fiscal year that ended in January the company lost $22.4 million on sales of $141 million, followed by two more quarters of losses.

The question that nobody is answering at this point though is, with a friggin’ market cap of $423 million, why in the blazes is somebody NOT buying the entire company? Apple? Amazon? Microsoft (ok anti-trust and it’s not nice to buy a competitor just to put them out of business), Netflix? DirecTV? Comcast? Motorola? Anyone? How cheap does TiVo need to get before someone will buy them? Or is everyone just waiting for the shoe to drop and try to buy up the brand and the assets on the cheap in bankruptcy court?