MCE 2005 Start Page

One thing that I didn’t spend any time on in my MCE 2005 review a few months back was the start page and the new recently opened buttons next to the various main menu items (my music, my pictures, etc.). Essentially if you move to the right on any of the main menu items it gives you the three most recently opened menu items for that type of media. This is turning out to be invaluable for me.

As “my music” is panifully slow in MCE with my large mp3 library, being able to have a coded shortcut that goes directly to my 4 and 5 star rated songs or some of my recent genere plays has me avoiding taking the long slow trip through the “my music” menu path.

Although the music is still slow to load I can click the recently used button and go do something else and when I come back it’s on vs. having to go through 4 or 5 different steps to get my common playlists which takes even longer. It is also a nice feature for my pictures as well.

I missed this the first time around and hope you find it useful. It would be nice to have MCE list 5 or 6 most recently used “my music” or “my pictures” items instead of only three. If anyone knows how to modify it to do this let us know.