Microsoft to put software to record HDTV broadcasts on Comcast’s cable boxes Starting November 15th Microsoft is going to run the software for 1 million Comcast subscribers in Washington state. Four million more Comcast users are to follow per a press release by Microsoft and Comcast in Redmond today. The Comcast cable box, according to the release, will support HDTV.

So let me see if I get this one straight. If I’m a Comcast subscriber I can get a box from Comcast for a nominal monthly fee that runs Microsoft software that can record HDTV or I can go out and spend $1,500 on a Microsoft Media Center PC that cannot record HDTV content from my very same provider Comcast.

Hmmmmm… it’s going to be a tough call.

Update: Matt Goyer brings up some compelling reasons why someone would still want to go with the MCE machine.