Digital Joy – Where’s the Beef?

Digital Joy Not to be negative… but… “Where’s the Beef?” I was looking forward to seeing something new integrated into MCE on the launch of this whole new joint Intel/Microsoft marketing thing and instead you get just a bunch of fluff. Fancy little flash thingy but no real meat and potatoes.

According to Digital Joy… this new genius technological brainchild of Intel and Microsoft… “Digital Joy is the feeling you have when all of your music, digital photos, movies, videos and TV programs are accessible at the touch of a button. It’s a remarkable new way to experience digital media throughout your home.”

Actually, “Digital Joy” is more like watching the opening scenes of downtown Miami on an HDTV broadcast of CSI Miami and the booming thunder sound from your HDTV TiVo that’s coming in through a TSO optical link into your Hi Fi system. Oh yeah and the “digital joy” of watching it when you want and the “digital joy” of skipping all of the commercials.

Or “Digital Joy” could be having instant access to your “my music” instead of having to wait for three minutes. THREE MINUTES! — longer than the time it takes to boot the entire PC. In my case I prefer to refer to this aspect of my home media Microsoft MCE personal digital relationship as “Digital Frustration.”

Seriously, how about spending some of the $10-$20 digital million that this campaign is supposed to cost on integrating cable or satellite HDTV or making my music load faster on my MCE 2005 system. Yeah I know… me, me, me — I mean “Digital Me.”

Ok, ok… I know this campaign is not meant for me but for the millions of digital people who have no idea what MCE is, don’t care about trivial little things like HDTV (geez who would ever buy an HDTV anyway, their screens are way too big) or large mp3 libraries — but it was too easy to take the shot.

By the way, HP’s shopping site looks terrible in Firefox — “Digital embarrassing” for a technology company. Nothing like getting ahead of the curve guys! But then again, I can’t imagine anyone who uses Firefox would ever be buying an HP PC.

Nothing like making a few friends first thing Monday morning.