My Yahoo! is losing it’s grasp on my digital life

After using My Yahoo! for many years it is beginning to lose it’s grasp on my digital life and I may have abandoned it entirely today.

With RSS and Bloglines there is no longer any reason to go to My Yahoo! for customized content as I have done in years past. I get better customized feeds in a much better format from Bloglines.

So let’s see what else I use My Yahoo! for in my own personal case.

1. Calendar. I’ve always accessed my calendar through my My Yahoo! home page. The problem? I have to click through to actually get my calendar. So instead I’ve just put a direct link to my calendar in my Firefox quick launch bookmark bar and can go direct skipping the side trip through My Yahoo!.

2. Driving directions. Ditto. I always hated the additional few steps I had to go through from the My Yahoo! home page to actually get my driving directions. Instead I just put a link in my Firefox quick launch bar directly to Yahoo!’s driving directions.

3. What else. Yahoo/SBC mail preview. It does me no good because the majority of the time I want to access this email via My Yahoo! I’m at work and work has blocked Yahoo! mail from coming in to the office. Since I’ve moved my blog to another hosting company I just use their remote email anyways.

So that’s it for me. Unless I’m missing something significant here I’m done with My Yahoo! RIP. With Bloglines/RSS, direct buttons to yahoo calendar and driving directions and a non Yahoo! email/hosting provider I simply don’t need it anymore.

It still bothers me that as an SBC My Yahoo! client I can’t upgrade to the beta but frankly I’m not sure that there would be anything there anyways which would convince me to stay.