Become Adobe Photoshop’s Next Evangelist

#1 Photoshop Fan from Adobe Next Photoshop Evangelist on Vimeo.

Adobe is running an interesting contest right now. They are inviting people to upload a two minute length tutorial video to Vimeo sharing why they think that they should be the next Photoshop evangelist.

From Adobe: “submit a two-minute Photoshop video tutorial demonstrating why you should be the Next Photoshop Evangelist. Your video must use Photoshop CS5, a new Photoshop CS5 feature, and, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Photoshop, incorporate the concept of “20” somewhere in the final image. Have fun!”

Once you make your video you submit it to their Vimeo group here.

Adobe will then select up to 12 finalists where the general membership of their Facebook Photoshop Community will vote on which finalist video is the best for the Grand Prize.

The Grand Prize winner will receive a copy of Creative Suite 5 Design Standard, a trip to Photoshop World (Spring 2011), the chance to demo their tutorial at the conference, roundtrip coach airfare, lodging and meals. All Finalists will also be showcased on the Photoshop YouTube channel.

So Adobe’s incorporating Vimeo in this one. YouTube. And even Facebook. A nice contest that touches on a lot of the social web.

Personally I think someone could do something pretty creative with the new painting features using the mixer brush that’s new in CS5. By the way, here is my own review on the new CS5 from a few months back.

Submissions must be in by August 24th.

Good luck!

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  1. Ari Litton says:

    So wait, it requires Photoshop CS5 and as a prize you get CS5 design standard (Photoshop CS5, Illustrator CS5, InDesign CS5, Acrobat 9 Pro). Why do I have a feeling that anyone entering this contest already has Illustrator and InDesign? Hmm.

    It’s good to see Adobe not splurging, in this hard economy.

  2. PJ says:

    Read the official rules for the contest, brutal legalese.

  3. *I am a Christian and APPALLED at Adobe's video!* says:

    I am APPALLED that ADOBE would use the word “EVANGELIST” in their video as well as “PREACHING REFERENCES” because the word “EVANGELIST” should ONLY be used when one is talking about “CHRISTIANITY” and nothing else!!!!

    Adobe went to far on this one and I hope that more Christians
    will stand up and tell Adobe that they need to re-do this video, apologize to ALL Chrisitians WORLDWIDE, and NOT use the word “EVANGELIST” like they did in this video ever again!!!
    I thought Adobe had better sence than this? Whoever came up with the idea to use the word “EVANGELIST” in this video and contest needs to be either FIRED or put on LEAVE for a little while!