Yahoo! Shoppers Beware, PriceRitePhoto Strikes Back


Want to know how long it takes a sleazy online retailer to get relisted with Yahoo! Shopping after being delisted for abusing their customers? Give or take about three months.

Back on November 29th I wrote an article entitled PriceRitePhoto: Abusive Bait and Switch Camera Store. If you missed it on my blog then you may also have seen it on Slashdot or Boing Boing or on Digg where it was the most dugg story of all time. Or maybe you saw it on one of the other literally hundreds of blogs who covered it. The story was also picked up by both The New York Post and that other little New York publication called The New York Times.

At the time when the story got all of the attention PriceRitePhoto was delisted from all of the major shopping comparison sites — and rightfully so. Not only had they been abusive to me, but when the story spread many others came out of the woodwork to corroborate the retailer as a first class abusive bait and switch camera shop.

Yahoo! Shopping delisted the retailer at the time, of course, and Yahoo! Vice President Rob Solomon explained in an article by Forbes that PriceRitePhoto had “rigged Yahoo’s feedback system.”

What was interesting to me at the time when the PriceRitePhoto story was going on was that PriceRitePhoto had supposedly been delisted a year earlier from comparison shopping site PriceGrabber. What I never could get is how after being delisted on PriceGrabber that PriceRitePhoto ended back on there a year latter to try and rip me off. Of course that first delisting didn’t get the visibility that mine did, but not to worry, not only is PriceRitePhoto back in business at Yahoo! Shopping, they are back in business on PriceGrabber as well. This after being delisted there at least twice that I know of.

In order to get relisted with both Yahoo! Shopping and PriceGrabber, PriceRitePhoto had to change their name of course. But this was no secret. I had reported this name change here on my blog when it happened. Of course if you missed the name change on my blog, MediaPost also reported on it. Yet still, there they are back doing business as usual at both PriceGrabber and Yahoo! Shopping.

Some of the more recent customer comments on their service at PriceGrabber are pretty interesting:

How about this one from PriceGrabber user stamw:

“WARNING:DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE!THEY ARE NOT HONEST. No confirmation are given. After 8 days and numerous calls (after verifying shipping address twice) they told me item has been back ordered and they cancelled my order without asking me.Yet they are still taking the order for same item at different price. Pushy at selling accessories.”

or here’s another good one from PriceGrabber user Gerodev:

“I ordered a Sony Camcorder from these guys. The order processed fine. I then received an email from them stating I needed to give them a call because they needed more information. When I called they tried to upsell the sale and sell me a huge package for the camera that I didn’t want and used every sales trick in the book to try and push it. I refused. The next day I got an email stating my order had been canceled. I will be ordering from another vendor and will never use these guys again.”

Way to look after your customers PriceGrabber. Guess you’re too busy counting your (how many millions was that you just sold your company for?) to care about your customers.

So here’s the question. How, after becoming probably the most visible online sleazy retailer in the last year, does PriceRitePhoto (aka BarclaysPhoto) end back up on Yahoo! Shopping in three months? And how are they allowed to continue to do business on PriceGrabber after being delisted there twice already?

Does PriceRitePhoto have some mysterious super power that allows them to invisibly sneak by comparison shopping site screeners? Do they just pay them off? Does owner Chaim Pikarski have some kind of magical trick voice that renders his opponents unable to resist? Perhaps a rewrite of Star Wars is in order:

“Yahoo Shopping: Let me see your identification.
PriceRitePhoto: [influencing the stormtrooper's mind] You don’t need to see his identification.
Yahoo Shopping: We don’t need to see his identification.
PriceRitePhoto: This is not the camera store you’re looking for.
Yahoo Shopping: This is not the camera store we’re looking for.
PriceRitePhoto: He can go about his business.
Yahoo Shopping: You can go about your business.
PriceRitePhoto: Move along.
Yahoo Shopping Move along… move along. “

I’m sure at minimum Yahoo! Shopping looks up who registered the domain name for the retailers that list with them. Although is not registered by “Ed Lopez” like PriceRitePhoto was, their domain is instead currently registered to a “John Smith” with no address out of Brooklyn, New York. Not that that should have been a red flag or anything. I mean, what, there’s lots of John Smiths running online camera stores out of Brooklyn with no address, right?

And here’s another one that I don’t get. The domain for PriceRitePhoto’s new name BarclaysPhoto that PriceGrabber lists as their site was only registered in December of 2005 (shortly after our falling out) and yet PriceGrabber inexplicably has testimonial data on BarclaysPhoto on their site going back all th
e way to 2001
. What’s up with that?

One thing that is for sure is you’d better damn well know that if you see a retailer on Yahoo! Shopping or PriceGrabber, definitely DO NOT put any faith whatsoever in their recommendations or in their ability to protect you from fraudsters. Yahoo! already admitted in Forbes having their recommendation system rigged and it only took the company who rigged it about three months to get right back on.

By the way, the way that I found out about PriceRitePhoto being relisted was that someone who said they were an, obviously disgruntled, employee there called me up and told me that the company’s owner Chaim Pikarski was bragging about how easy it was for him to get back on the comparison shopping sites. Take it with a grain of salt as this individual definitely had an axe to grind, accusing Pikarski of other illegal activity towards him, but still, bottom line is they’re back online.

The same employee also told me that “Ed Lopez” who wrote me an apology letter after the original incident to try and halt the denial of service attack and harassment his company was receiving didn’t exist. According to this employee the person that I was speaking to after the story got big on Digg was actually owner Chaim Pikarski himself and not “Ed Lopez.” Again, take it with a grain of salt.

I guess I hope that Barclay’s Photo does in fact get delisted from Yahoo! shopping and for yet a third time at PriceGrabber. But I also wish these companies did more to protect their customers from these kinds of shady retailers. It was interesting for me to read this weekend that Google looks like they may also be getting into the “seller recommendation” business per Mike Arrington. Hopefully they can come up with something better than PriceGrabber and Yahoo! Shopping.

But for now I guess the moral of the story is that you can treat your customers horribly and rip people off on Yahoo! Shopping. Feel free to manipulate their recommendation rating system by the way, and when you get kicked off, just reapply under a new name and you’ll be back in business in no time. And, wow, look it that, they’ve even got a $900 Canon Digital Rebel XT for $665! Such a deal!

Oh and I should at least give credit to CNET Shopper. CNET had also delisted PriceRitePhoto and it does not appear that they were able to make it back on there… yet.

Update #1: One of my readers points out that BarclaysPhoto also has been relisted at MSN Shopping as well. Also they are listed with a bunch of positive feedback on some comparison shopping site called “Smarter.”

Update #2: Just received an email from Joe Lazarus from Yahoo! Shopping: “Hi Thomas, We appreciate our users alerting us to potential issues. In this particular case, the merchant was investigated by our Customer Care team and was found to be in violation of Yahoo!’s Terms of Service. All listings from this merchant will cease to appear on Yahoo! Shopping within the next 24 hours.”

I’ve yet to hear from PriceGrabber.

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92 comments on “Yahoo! Shoppers Beware, PriceRitePhoto Strikes Back
  1. Grogg Raam says:

    The Diggs, they are a comin’

  2. Anonymous says:

    He’s got invalid whois info, needs to be full name/address/phone/etc. Just turn him/her/it into their registrar.

  3. MonkeyBoy says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the low levels to which people will to go to rip other people off. /-{}-\

  4. Anonymous says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the low levels to which people will to go to rip other people off. /-{}-\

  5. ocelot67 says:

    tried to post the link to your story on the merchant rating page and got this message: Error: There was an error in submitting your review. Please try again in 10-20 minutes.
    everyone should try this.

  6. kurosen says:

    so this guy is from Brooklyn? that’s funny, so am I…. would someone mind posting a known address for this guy? maybe I can “straighten things out”.

  7. Anonymous says: wasn’t aware that they were back on. As a former employee of PriceGrabber I can assure you that the owners of the company as well of the employees take this sort of thing very seriously. I’ve forwarded a link directly to the people at the company who can control this. I’ll check back shortly. Thanks.

  8. Badtz says:

    Its also pretty sad they didnt even have to move for hosting. Id be curious to know if webair got any complaints about them in the past. and if they dont do anything about it because they would rather keep a bad customer and help them pull this crap.

  9. Grant says:

    Thomas, thanks for the heads up on these guys. I’m glad there is someone who is keeping an eye on them.

    I recently started a Price comparison site, PriceAge ( While it doesn’t have the sheer number of merchants that pricegrabber,, etc have, I have many well known and reputable merchants. Pleae take a look at the site and see for yourself. I also combine some coupons with the other sites don’t offer so you can save even more.

  10. Why don’t we try to get their domain cancelled. It is against ICANN police to have incomplete/false domain information

    “ A Registered Name Holder’s willful provision of inaccurate or unreliable information, its willful failure promptly to update information provided to Registrar, or its failure to respond for over fifteen calendar days to inquiries by Registrar concerning the accuracy of contact details associated with the Registered Name Holder’s registration shall constitute a material breach of the Registered Name Holder-registrar contract and be a basis for cancellation of the Registered Name registration.”

  11. Anon – The issue isn’t whether Pricegrabber was aware that they were on, but rather what is Pricegrabber doing to prevent them from getting on in the first place. Outside of cashing their check what types of background checks do they put in place. It seems to me that at the bear minimum it would be appropriate to collect a credit card or a business tax id. In this case, they let someone named “john smith” without an address get his site on the service. This doesn’t make me feel very secure about pricegrabber’s (or Yahoo’s) background checks

  12. Anonymous says: has a huge number of merchants granted, but I know they do everything they can to “screen” potential companies. When I worked there they used to require pictures of your Store for certian feature merchants as well as all kinds of paper. But in the end if people want to scam, they will scam. Fake IDs, Fake paperwork, Fake Pictures, Fake Merchandise. You just have to be as dilligent as possible. I think both Yahoo & PriceGrabber do a pretty good job. They probably get 1,000 new business signing on a day..

    It’s really important at this point to let Yahoo know, and let them know that the new company does the same scam. As always it helps to have a friend at the company in the right departments. If anyone has such a friend, now would be the time to call out your favor!

  13. michael says:

    Here we go again.

  14. Anonymous says:

    WOW. Thanks for writing this. I had no idea that this would go on with high profile Yahoo/eBay sellers. I *assumed* that Yahoo and eBay wouldn’t associate themselves with this sort of thing. I knew it existed when buying from price grabber firms, but I assumed that eBay and Yahoo didn’t tolerate this stuff.

    I bought a D50 camera on eBay this weekend from “completephotoUSA”, based out of Columbus OH. Barclays was auctioning D50s as well, but their units were “Factory Demos” with a 90 day Factory warranty, whatever that is.

    Hunts was selling them also, but I didn’t like their warranty either. Sellers should be made to display the content of special warranty documents as part of the sale.

    I watched D50s sell all weekend. Complete Photo USA sold 6 or 8 cameras. Hunts and Barclay didn’t sell the 2 that they each listed.

    I bought my camera

  15. Anonymous says:

    Right now Barclays has a 98.8% approval rating. How does that work ?

    And how can they have a 12 month history ? (about 1500 items more than 6 months old…) if they just created the new identity in November ? Am I missing something ?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Some of the comments on PriceGrabber are calling the company CameraMall, which was an AKA for PriceRitePhoto. How could PriceGrabber NOT know that this was the same company??

  17. Anonymous says:

    WARNING: Barclays is alive and well on eBay.

    Search Nikon D50 Body and you will see what I mean.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Searching the Barclays user history shows this:

    User ID Effective Date End Date
    barclaysphoto Dec-12-05 Present
    priceritephoto May-04-05 Dec-12-05
    priceritephoto-com Sep-01-03 May-04-05
    www-edigix-com Nov-15-02 Sep-01-03
    film4less Aug-01-01 Nov-15-02
    edigix Jul-31-01 Aug-01-01
    film4less Aug-02-00 Jul-31-01

    They list 98.8% customer satisfaction with history previous to 6 months ago. I emailed eBay to see what they had to say.

  19. Johan says:

    IMO it’s not that hard to believe he got back on those Engines. You talk about the average joe, looking for a camera, being the ‘customer’ of the engine. This is wrong.

    The merchant is the customer, they are paying. When there’s money involved (coming in), scrutiny standards always drop. Same with Google PPC (see all the crap eBay ads).

    Them allowing that domain to slip is is a crap deal though.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Well here’s some evidence the feedback is artificial:;=NEWEST&bn;=5

  21. Still, so long as people continue to believe that Store A can somehow magically undercut Stores B, C, D, E, F and G by a huge margin in broad daylight and that there would be no strings attached to such a deal, stores like this will thrive.

    I’m not suggesting we don’t fight back but we also need to think about the bridge we’re being sold in the first place. We all want the best deal possible but anyone with so much as a common sense idea of market competition should be at least a tad bit leery of such deals.

    NYC authorities should be taking a lot more active role in this than they seem to be. Lord knows they have more pressing concerns but when an entire industry (rip-off photo stores) takes root in one particular geographic area (Brooklyn), I can’t help but wonder if it has something to do with lax enforcement.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I just checked out completePhotoUSA, whom I bought my camera from. They *LOOK* pretty darn legit.

    whois http://www.completePhotoUSA gives:

    Domain Name……….
    Creation Date…….. 2004-07-21
    Registration Date…. 2004-07-21
    Expiry Date………. 2006-07-21
    Organisation Name…. Rich Cordle
    Organisation Address. 2030 Dividend Dr
    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. Columbus
    Organisation Address. 43228
    Organisation Address. OH
    Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

    Admin Name……….. Rich Cordle
    Admin Address…….. 2030 Dividend Dr
    Admin Address……..
    Admin Address…….. Columbus
    Admin Address…….. 43228
    Admin Address…….. OH
    Admin Address…….. UNITED STATES
    Admin Email……….
    Admin Phone………. +1.6144399093
    Admin Fax…………

    Then, google Rich Cordle and you find a guy giving presentations at camera shows. (Good sign in my opion.) And you also find , a large family owned chain of camera stores.

    And the address of completePhotoUSA matches up with their corporate warehouse which displays a warehouse in googlemap.

    They even have “Cord University” about taking photos, so they obviously have some care about customers.

    It will be very interesting to see how my camera arrives.

  23. ccanni1028 says:

    @Anonymous re:job offer-

    That is the same guy and TheFilmShop is another name for PriceRitePhoto.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Who is the same guy ?

  25. Anonymous says:

    You have to watch out for them on Ebay. Chek our the userid history for barclaysphoto

    barclaysphoto Dec-12-05 Present
    priceritephoto May-04-05 Dec-12-05
    priceritephoto-com Sep-01-03 May-04-05
    www-edigix-com Nov-15-02 Sep-01-03
    film4less Aug-01-01 Nov-15-02
    edigix Jul-31-01 Aug-01-01
    film4less Aug-02-00 Jul-31-01


  26. Anonymous says:

    Interesting but not surprising. The reseller ratings of Yahoo merchants are absolutely meaningless. I remember, while recently shopping for a consumer item, considering several Yahoo merchants since they came up with the lowest prices on Froogle. I looked at users’ Reviewer’s ratings at each merchant’s actual Yahoo ‘Merchant Reviews’ page and despite the fact that almost all merchants had a 4 1/2 out of 5 rating, there were an alarming number of really negative recent reviews. Some of these even gave a high rating despite the bad review. So I don’t know how Yahoo arrives at their ratings but it is clearly evident that they don’t mean a thing. I even had a hard time finding the Yahoo search engine’s name for a particular merchant. The online merchant’s name truned up nothing. I only found it after I went through the checkout process (before I gave my payment information of course). It had a number attached to the name. They too had a high rating but they also had many plausible good reviews and their website seemd legit so I tended to trust them. I was not disappointed for the most part. As for PriceGrabber and the rest of the “portals”, the same applies. If you read the reviews, they are often very vague and uninformative, seeming to be made by naive users or possibly shills. The only reliable ratings I have found of resellers is at For example PriceRitePhoto has a 3.71/10 rating there with many negative reviews. Despite the fact that they are a portal themselves, they cater to a technologically sophisticated user base who would shun them if word got around that they were giving out shoddy reviews. I usually avoid the mainstream price comparison sites like the plague.

  27. Anonymous says:

    i think i ordered a canon rebel slr digital from them about a year and a half ago. i must say that i didnt experience any problems, and the camera was waaaay cheaper than any other store. they did try to push every accessory in the book on me, and i had to “call in to verify” the order, but it was actually shipped. might have been because it was a refurb camera. and no i dont work fo them lol.

    gotta had shitty online retailers. no buisness ethics anymore.

  28. Eugenia says:

    What I don’t understand is if they want to re-invent themselves under a new brand, why at least they don’t do it “right” this time and start doing reputable business?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Do we need to render them useless via the web hrmm…

  30. Anonymous says:

    @ Eugenia – Because they want to scam,

    Alright folks roll up your sleeves, let’s get on with the digging and the DOSing, as well cranks on the 1 800 nos.

  31. JT says:;=froogle

    Here is another one, that has prices too good to be true from Brooklyn, NY. Again no address.

  32. Anonymous says:

    CP Industries/Film Shop Clipper USA
    Mr. Chaim Pikarski
    140 58th St., Unit 4E, BX 37
    Brooklyn, NY 11232
    (718) 491-4300

  33. Can’t believe you haven’t gotten over this yet…

  34. Adam Kelley says:

    If you check the Smarter site at the end of the article, you’ll see that one of the users leaving feedback is… PriceRitePhoto.

    He also gave 5/5 stars all across the board.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I saw that too. I wrote to Smart and forwarded the this URL to them.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Found this in a google groups while searching Usenet:;=Chaim+Pikarski&rnum;=1

    Apparently you should contact a ‘Chaim Pikarski’ for a sales position offering a 30k to 100k salary??? Its also a film/photography shop…..


  37. Anonymous says:

    The above job listing is incredibly outdated. I wouldnt put that towards much.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I guarentee this hits at least 5,000 diggs, because after 8 hours 54 minutes its at 2849 diggs, and people havent come back from work yet. Blogger’s bandwith for this thing is about to go crazy, id do something like put a banner asking people to donate $$$ to your favorite charity at the top of this post, its gonna get like a million views. but people might think hat thomas hawk venting at shady camera buisnesses is old news, but anyway, i love you! the comparison sites need to shape up. I for one am already spamming them! I did it last time, and vigilante justice is the best kind!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Oy gevalt! The shysters are back! And, they’re still shysters from the looks of it — below is the whois record for as of 3/13/2006 … “John Smith anyone?”

    If you check the address listed below (1274 49th Street, Brooklyn, NY) with Don Wiss’ very helpful “Brooklyn Store Fronts” photo site ( — Find for “1274” on this page in your browser), you will see that these clowns have listed a mail box store as their place of business. Once a shyster, always a shyster i guess. :-/


    This WHOIS database is provided for information purposes only. We do
    not guarantee the accuracy of this data. The following uses of this
    system are expressly prohibited: (1) use of this system for unlawful
    purposes; (2) use of this system to collect information used in the
    mass transmission of unsolicited commercial messages in any medium;
    (3) use of high volume, automated, electronic processes against this
    database. By submitting this query, you agree to abide by this

    1274 49th Street
    brooklyn, NY 11218


    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
    John Smith
    1274 49th Street
    brooklyn, NY 11218

    Domain created on 08-Dec-2005
    Domain expires on 08-Dec-2007
    Last updated on 13-Mar-2006

    Domain servers in listed order:

    NS4.DNSMADEEASY.COM domain registration and hosting powered by DomainDiscover
    As low as $9/year, including FREE: responsive toll-free support,
    URL/frame/email forwarding, easy management system, and full featured DNS.

  40. Joe Lazarus says:

    Hi Thomas,

    We appreciate our users alerting us to potential issues. In this particular case, the merchant was investigated by our Customer Care team and was found to be in violation of Yahoo!’s Terms of Service. All listings from this merchant will cease to appear on Yahoo! Shopping within the next 24 hours.

    Joe Lazarus
    Yahoo! Shopping

  41. Anonymous says:

    I say someone go to this guys shop and burn the sob to the ground! A few months before burning… you should figure out a way to steal his insurance premium check so he wont get any money from the arson job.

  42. There is no need for violence. There are peaceful solutions that exist. Let’s try to think rationally.

  43. Anonymous says:

    It’s also worth noting that they seem to have just ripped off other sites to make their own. It seemed unlikely to me that a scam site would bother writing all that help text, for example, so I did some Google searches, and lo and behold…;=%22We+have+tried+to+make+shopping+with+us+as+pleasurable+an+experience+as+possible.%22&btnG;=Google+Search{EB28C3DF-8B6A-4914EVEREST-8BA2-7919B076AAC5}

  44. Anonymous says:

    Excellent! I love the way you hunt this guy down! You are wicked!

    Bad times for crooks!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Someone mentioned… as a friend of someone who nearly got scammed, I guess it is just prudent to mention that he has writted about his experience here ->,guid,6638b399-0136-4526-b9c3-5794655b8a00.aspx

  46. Andrew says:

    I’m glad to see that Yahoo worked quickly to remove this scammer. Keep up the good work, everyone.

  47. Totally interesting! Lovely job on the post

  48. xamox says:

    power to the people!

  49. an interesting twist to this little story – if you go to amazon yellow pages:;=3999141&n;=3999141&qid;=1142387511#subway

    you can search an address, go the the ‘see other businesses along 49th st.’ link and ‘usually’ (like in los angeles) you can actually walk down the street and see the store fronts of the businesses. very frickin cool. but alas no pictures come up for this shady neighborhood. but what DOES come up is the name of the business at the address:
    1274 49th st, brooklyn, ny 11218

    Brooklyn Mailing Center
    1274 49th St, Brooklyn, NY 11219-3011 – Map
    (718) 633-9733 – Click to Call

    and no, that’s not a typo that the zips are different. i searched the address from the whois listing as it was displayed. when the searched finished the address came up with the new zip. i went back to look at the camera shops listed in the 11218 zip and there was nothing similar as far as the addresses go. i then google mapped the whois address here :;=en&q;=1274+49th+Street,+brooklyn,+NY+11218≪=40.635265,-73.99278&spn;=0.001008,0.002693&t;=k
    obviously not a lot to see other than the address does sort of exist in relation to a building and not some parking lot or empty lot.

  50. oh yea, almost forgot…

    We were unable to find exact matches for barclays photo within 50 miles of Brooklyn, NY 11218.

    We were unable to find exact matches for barclays photo within 50 miles of Brooklyn, NY 11219.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Sorry about the CAPS, this is a quote from someone on Digg:



    This all seems credible and seems to check out.

    Here is a link to C & A Marketings contact info. It seems VERY shady. They claim to import digital cameras from Europe and the far East. The contact name is Mr Solomon Hershkowitz.

  52. Anonymous says:

    That looks like a bigger enterprise than just a slightly shady camera store in NY.

  53. Anonymous says:

    This is interesting…

    I wonder if they’re in violation of The Federal Trade Commission’s Mail Or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule.

  54. Anonymous says:

    More about the FTC’s Mail or Telephone merchandise order rule. It applies to internet purchases as well:

    “By law, you must have a reasonable basis for stating that a product can be shipped within a certain time. If your advertising doesn’t clearly and prominently state the shipment period, you must have a reasonable basis for believing that you can ship within 30 days.

    If you can’t ship within the promised time (or within 30 days if you made no promise), you must notify the customer of the delay, provide a revised shipment date and explain his right to cancel and get a full and prompt refund.

    For definite delays of up to 30 days, you may treat the customer’s silence as agreeing to the delay. But for longer or indefinite delays – and second and subsequent delays – you must get the customer’s written, electronic or verbal consent to the delay. If the customer doesn’t give you his okay, you must promptly refund all the money the customer paid you without being asked by the customer.

    Finally, you have the right to cancel orders that you can’t fill in a timely manner, but you must promptly notify the customer of your decision and make a prompt refund.”

    - brett

  55. ryran says:

    What a story. Sheesh.
    Respect to those (including Thomas) who are reacting to and dealing with this in a mature manner. Rock on.

  56. scriptkiddie says:

    They are off yahoo shopping. I cannot find them in the list.

  57. Anonymous says:


    It seems they may have shape shifted?

  58. Anonymous says:

    Preferred Photo LLC.
    321 E. 89th Street
    Brooklyn, N.Y. 11236

  59. Anonymous says:



  60. TECHNOBOY says:

    hmm we could all be fooled. this could be the greates online advertising plot ever made in the entire internet life.

  61. Tom says:

    I bought a Nikon D200 from Complete Photo USA. It was a brand new factory sealed camera at an incredible price. The lowest price I could find in the USA with NO hassles. You could not go wrong with them. I highly recommend!

  62. Anonymous says:

    I have had VERY similar experiences with a site called “”. I have been attempting to purchase a Canon 30D since mid April (for $999). After my order I was instructed to call in to confirm order information. I was then given an extremely hard sell on batteries and other accessories that were being sold for abou 10X what they can be purchased for from other places (i.e. Adorama, B&H;, etc). I declined and was told that the camera would be sent out in the next few days. Less than a week later I received an e-mail telling me that my order had been cancelled. I went back to their website where they advertised as still having the camera in-stock, and the price had dropped over $100, so I ordered it again. I called in as instructed – I mentioned the other order being cancelled. The ‘Customer Service’ rep then asked me if I was, “stupid or something? Why would you order something you know is not in stock?” I explained that their website still reported the item as being in stock, and the price had dramatically dropped in price. I was then told that it was back-ordered till mid-May. I said that was fine and would wait. I then received a call from “Jordan” who was extremely nice and seemed to actually want to help. The following day their website was updated, still claiming to have the camera in-stock, and the price had dropped to $849. In mid-may I called again to check on the status, and was told that the camera had been backordered till June 9.

    Well, I waited till June 9, and then called in to get a status. Customer service told me that the item would be packaged and shipped that day – that was at 2:30 pm. Two hours after they ‘closed’, I received an e-mail telling me that my order had been cancelled. In checking some other forums…. Many people have been having a similar experience with these guys.

  63. Anonymous says:

    I think I may be in trouble, the worst part is that i’m not from the Usa. I just “bought” a camera (Canon Rebel) via ebay. Please post me the address of these assholes.

  64. retorique says:

    Crap, anonymous (the last one), I live outside the USA too, and I have just bought a Rebel XT… I hope both of us can get through the transaction succesfully, as I see that there is a lot of good feedback on eBay anyways. Maybe the retail division (non-eBay) is the evil one… I hope.

  65. Anonymous says:

    And that is why you have antisemites … because most of the violators are religious heebs who hide behind the antisemitism bull … they are slick and greasy operators … and know how to use the right buzzwords and turn around any criticism of their organizations or lifestyles .. they laugh all the way to the bank

  66. Anonymous says:

    Barclays is now on eBay. USAPhotoNation pulls the same stunt: caal to say your order has shipped, then emails telling you it is backordered, then cancels your order before you can speak when you call to see which version is real. And are they related to The websites are identical except for the design.

  67. Wow this is my first visit to this blog and it wont be the last. Its amazing what people can get away with. Shame on the Price Comparison sites for not having a strict enough acceptance to there respective sites.

  68. Steve Flores says:

    Here is a post explaining the top shopping comparison websites

  69. soranshu says:

    Unbelieveable what people do sometimes. I find price comparison sites dodgy in the firstplace.

  70. WebFrukt says:

    Подруги по общежитию готовят девушку к первому свиданию: “Давай-ка выпей 50 грамм, чтоб было всё по уму! “. – А может, лучше 100 для дури? – говорит самая опытная из девушек.

  71. No_limits89 says:

    Google has helped change the way we interact with information on the internet, I think they could continue down this path with improvements to their news service. ,

  72. anymous says:

    i used to work for him long before he was priceritephoto. he did the same thing back then. u should check broadwayphoto as well. i have seen from them the same thing they try to upsell on accesories, from uv filters to lenses that u dont need to ac adapters that would normally cost 20 bucks they would charge 150. be wary of mail order companies. do the homework see how much the camera or camcorder really go for then she how much they are advertising it for. if its below the normal cost then they will try to upsell. if you say i dont want anything besides the camera they will cancel the order. watch out.