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What’s better than seeing all your favorite photos from Flickr in full screen 43″ plasma glory? Well, not much.

I tried Slickr (a Flickr based full screen screensaver) a while back (in December) and was not that impressed. But the latest version rocks. Slickr basically allows you to add a new screensaver to your Windows based screensaver set up which features a lot of interaction with Flickr. Most significantly it allowed me, for the first time, to run my favorites that I’ve marked at Flickr in full screen glory on my 43″ plasma in the living room. And let me tell you, Flickr on a 43″ high def plasma rocks. Really. There’s something about watching aqui-ali in high def at 43″ that is just hard to explain.

The full screen transitions are especially sharp and animated giving an amazing effect as Slickr runs through photos.

In addition to your favorites you can run your own flickrstream or anyone elses for that matter, all photos, groups, sets, etc.

So what does Slickr still need to do to improve?

1. Although Slickr can run your favorites stream, it runs them in order from last added onward. What I really, really, really want is a way to instead run them in random order. I want to be reminded of favs that I fav’d six months ago as well as the one I fav’d two days ago. Just like I can set my Windows screensaver to random for a folder full of photos, let me set Slickr up to randomly cull from my list of almost 15,000 photos that I’ve marked as favs on Flickr.

2. Let me build smart filters. What do I mean by this? Well, let’s say I’ve got 5 friends coming over. Let me run a Slickr screensaver that combines the 5 friends flickrstreams into one random slide show. Even more tricky, let me filter out only the photos that I have marked fav for the 5 designated friends. Would love to slice and dice Slickr even more than I can already.

3. Integrate it with Media Center. Gabe, who developed Flickr, recently emailed me and said that’s his next milestone. To be able to see all of my Flickr favorites in full screen glory, with Gabe’s beautiful transitions AND to still see album art as songs change while music plays in the background would truly be a thing of beauty.

If you want to try out the latest version of Slickr yourself you can get it here. Slickr’s already hit the front page of digg, but if you want to digg it more feel free here. If you want to help Gabe out and thank him for his hard work on this fantastic app you can do so at Pay Pal here.

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