Yahoo! Acquires Webjay

Tristan Louis is out with a short interview with WebJay creater Lucas Gonze. WebJay , who was purchased by Yahoo! today for what what is so far an undisclosed amount, is the latest in a string of Web 2.0 companies that have been purchased by Yahoo! in the past year, which also include Flickr and Delicious.

Webjay allows people the ability to create and play back playlists of music and video from the Web.

From Tristan’s interview:

TNL: You mentioned interactivity as a key feature of playlists. Do you think that playlists merge multimedia with social software? And, if yes, is that a direction Yahoo! plans to take it into?

Lucas Gonze: That’s exactly the value. Social software is not an empty trend. It’s central to the value of the internet. So the question with regard to media is how do you make social media? How do you make songs which anybody can get inside of and interact with on their own terms? To some extent that’s what playlists accomplish.

About whether that’s the direction Yahoo! plans to take it into, I can’t speak for Yahoo!, given that I’ve only been an employee for about 45 minutes.”

More information at the Yahoo! Music Blog.

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