Digg.com Plans to Expand Beyond Just Tech News

MediaPost Publications – Digg.com Plans Expansion – 12/05/2005 Well this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as Kevin Rose said as much last month in an interview with DL.TV, buy MediaPost has a good article out on Digg’s upcoming plans to move the Digg model of news into subjects beyond tech.

“Adelson’s hope is that the method will end up being faster and more reliable than both the wholly automated search engines, and the wholly people-powered sites like Slashdot–which relies on human editors to push stories to the front page. “It’s incredible how fast it [Digg] is growing. I think one of the reasons why is because it revealed one very serious advantage over those older models,” he said. “That is, it’s much faster. If you’re looking for fresh data, current data, or very dynamic data, a search engine relies on the crawling technology, an editorial board takes days to process and publish.”