I Am Robot Hear Me Roar

I Am Robot Hear Me Roar is a photo series taken on March 26, 2005 at the RoboGames (formerly the ROBOlympics) in San Francisco at San Francisco State University.

A Friendly Blade

Beak Nose Robot

Belly Full of Jelly

Cold Hard Steel Combat Robot

Danger Ranger

Finely Tuned Athletes

Fire and Blood


got robots?

Kondo Robot

Looking Down on the Little Guy

Monitor Face

Monster Robot

Old Green Eyes

Robot Warrior

Robot Warrior 2

Robot Warrior 3

Robot Games

Robot Teeth

Snuggles II

Sparks Fly

Voice of a Robot

Click on the links below for my photoblog by month. If you click on any photo it will open a high resolution copy for your enjoyment. “Right Click,” “Save Picture As,” and now you have a nice copy of the image for yourself. Click back to return to the photoblog. Enjoy.

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Thomas Hawk’s Digital Photoblog March 2005
Thomas Hawk’s Digital Photoblog February 2005
Thomas Hawk’s Digital Photoblog January 2005
Thomas Hawk’s Digital Photoblog December 2004
Thomas Hawk’s Digital Photoblog November 2004
Reflections on Manhattan, photographed October 15th – 17th, 2004
Thomas Hawk’s Digital Photoblog October 2004
Thomas Hawk’s Digital Photoblog September 2004
Thomas Hawk’s Digital Photoblog August 2004
Thomas Hawk’s Digital Photoblog July 2004

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello! These are excellent photos! i really Like the one of kilobyte spinning. My favorite robot of the whole event =D I am curious as to whetehr anyone has photos of the event that I can view (for my own personal amusemnt, I promise not to post them)I would especially be interested in any that have the Scottish team that made Typhoon in them. My email is mpaandaa@hotmail.com Please and thank you!


  2. J. Pruett says:

    I really like your photos. Especially the night scenes in your earlier work. I would like to shoot night scenes, but I am not sure how to do that with an autoflash camera. I recently received a Konica Minolta with nice zoom lenses by Sigma, and I also have an older late 70s early 80s model Konica (not sure of it’s history beside it being a legacy piece) with exceptional new lenses, one of which being the best telephoto I have ever held.
    Would pictures come out brighter in a night scene with the flash covered?
    Please and thank you,
    Jessi from North Carolina

  3. Thacia Frank says:

    Hi! I am Thacia Frank, from Brazil. There are a lot of pictures and one special video with best moments! If you want to see, visit http://www.guerraderobos.com.br. This website is multi-language (link to videos and photos at main page).
    Best regards!

  4. Anonymous says:

    awsome bots doots, uber 1337 wow!!! yeaa yea eya eayeayayaya