Zoom In Online Launching New Photography Video Show Viewfinders

The video above is a sneak preview clip of a new photography video series being produced by Zoom In Online. Zoom In Online is an excellent photography news and resource site and I’m excited to learn today about the new video series that they will be launching.

For their first video episode, Zoom In Online interviews photojournalist Keith Bedford. Bedford covered the Obama campaign from its beginning all the way through to election night as a professional photojournalist. Some of the images of the campaign in the sneak preview video above are fantastic, really strong reportage.

The new show officially premieres on February 1st. Congrats Sophia on the new series!

I love seeing more professionally created photography video series showing up online. My Pal Marc Silbur also recently just launched his new video series Photoshow as well. I blogged about that a few weeks ago. I did an interview with Marc while shooting the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco that you will be able to see there in the near future.