Marc Silber Interviews Pro Photographer Chase Jarvis for New Photography Video Series Photo Show

Photographer Marc Silber has a new photography related video series out called Photo Show. The show’s tagline is: “Interviews, Tips and Insight from the World’s Best Photographers,” and he’s got an interview up today with Seattle based pro photographer Chase Jarvis that is well worth watching. You might remember Chase from the promo video that Nikon did with him last Fall showcasing their D90 camera, one of the first digital SLRs to shoot video.

I’m really excited to see Marc out there doing a photography video show because I don’t think that there are enough photography related video shows on the web. The quality of his show is very professional and he’s getting some great guests.

Marc and his crew recently filmed an interview with me on San Francisco’s Baker Beach shooting the Golden Gate Bridge that should be up at some point in the future as well. Marc, Robert Scoble, and I also went up to Yosemite last year and got to spend some time with Ansel Adams’ son Michael. Marc also has a video of his interview with Michael Adams about his dad’s photography here.

Congrats on the great interview Marc and looking forward to many great episodes of Photo Show in the month ahead.

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