Photo Talk Plus, Episode 29, with Special Guest Chrysta Rae

Well we had a fantastic show last week interviewing the one and only Chrysta Rae who so many of you know and love on Google+. We talked with Chrysta about her own work as well as her work as one of the great Google+ curators with her wildly popular Scavenger Hunt.

Not only has Chrysta broken G+ is some truly epic ways, she has introduced us to so many great photographers each month with her hunt.

Joining Lotus Carroll and myself for this show were panelists Keith Barrett, Mandy Sloan, Alan Shapiro, Daniel Milnor and Lynne Goodwin.

In this episode we revisit the The Google+ One Year Anniversary Photowalk and talk about the walks that we went on, including mine in Denver, CO and Lotus’ in Austin, The July Scavenger Hunt, Trey Ratcliff’s Top 5 Tips for photographing people, Colby Brown’s Heart of a Sunflower and Ron Clifford’s post about photographing fireworks.

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Join us this Wednesday night when our special guest for Episode 30 will be Adobe’s Lightroom Product Manager Tom Hogarty. Tom’s going to talk about what’s new in Lightroom and hopefully what may be in store for the future from the web’s most popular image processing software company.