Photo Talk Plus Episode 26, With Special Guest Sly Vegas

Well last night we had another great episode of Photo Talk Plus with the one and only Sly Vegas as our special guest. Sly talks about how as a recent newcomer to photography he has been able to advance the skills that are necessary to begin working as a professional photographer and getting paid for his work.

Joining myself and Lotus Carroll are panelists Robin Griggs Wood, Keith Barrett, Jon Armstrong and Richard Hay.

In addition to giving away a $500 Adorama Gift Card (congratulations are in order to Cameron Siguenza!) we discussed the new MacBook Pro announced last week (mine’s on order!), the difference between CF and SD camera cards, upcoming photowalks including one in San Francisco this Sunday, the planning for a second G+ photo trip to Death Valley, and 65 photowalks now scheduled for June 30th for the 1 year Google+ Anniversary. We also talked about Jay Patel’s post about how photos from the iPhone will impact the photography business.

Thanks to everyone who watched live last night and who support the show in the Vidcast Network chat room!

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Be sure and tune in next week when we interview the one and only Patrick Di Fruscia!

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