LowePro, A Camera Bag Company You Can Count On

LowePro, A Camera Bag Company You Can Count On

About 7 years ago I bought my first speciality camera bag. I’d been using a regular backpack to lug my stuff around, but I needed something more targeted for camera gear and so I bought the LowePro CompuDaypack. It was an excellent lightweight bag that was perfect for carrying around my camera, a few lenses and my laptop computer. One of the reasons why I bought the bag from LowePro was because it had a lifetime guarantee. If something has a lifetime guarantee, the quality should be pretty high (assuming that they honor the guarantee).

Over the course of the next 5 years or so I wouldn’t say I abused that bag, but I wore it every single day of my life. It went into abandoned buildings, over fences, through broken windows, up on bridges and roofs and on tons of trips — it went through rain, sleet, snow, deserts, mountains, beaches, everywhere. I’m not your typical weekend shooter and so I’m not sure that any bag could possibly withstand the sort of turmoil I put a bag through. Inevitably the bag began to wear out. When you use a bag like I do this will probably happen to any bag. The fabric literally began to tear apart at the bottom of the bag where I’d set it on the ground over and over and over again.

I loved my LowePro though. It was perfect for me. I liked it so much that I bought another LowePro as my next bag purchase. This time a bigger bag to accomodate even more lenses, the CompuTrekker Plus AW. I had more to carry around and needed something even more robust for my photography adventures.

Probably the biggest vulnerability on any bag is the zipper. After about 2 years, the zipper on my CompuTrekker Plus AW went out. Disappointed, I decided to send my bag back into LowePro to see if it could be repaired. Since I was mailing them my new backpack anyways, I thought I’d also through my old CompuDayPack bag in as well and see how well LowePro honored their lifetime guarantee on their bags.

To my surprise after sending both bags into LowePro they sent me back two brand new bags. I don’t think they make the CompuTrekker Plus AW anymore so instead they replaced it with one of the best bags that they make, the Lowepro Pro Runner 450 AW. They also sent me a brand new CompuDaypack.

When a company stands behind their products and honors their lifetime guarantee like this, I think it’s only fair to write up a blog post on them as a satisfied customer and share an example of excellent customer support with the rest of the world. Not only does LowePro make great camera bags, but they stand by their product even when someone puts it through the sort of workout that I do.

Thanks, LowePro!

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  1. Michel says:

    I love my SlingShot 100 AW from Lowepro ♥

  2. Rob-L says:

    Almost all of my bags are Lowepro bags. I agree that they are great bags.

  3. Agree – I tried many bags, but I always come back to LowePro.

    They’re the type of company that will (hopefully) one day make the bag I need, yet noone offers: Something like the FastPack 350, but with a separate space for iPad and documents (the daypack is needed for chargers and cables).
    I’d like to take my D700 to work every day, but there’s simply no bag that will allow me to bring the work related other stuff properly…

  4. Noel says:

    I had a similar experience with Lowepro a few years ago. My Slingshot started tearing. I called Lowepro and they sent me a new one and told me to throw the damaged one away. As my gear collection grew I ended up buying a second, larger backpack which I use for day trips. Great company!

  5. Joel Conner says:

    I had a lowepro bag, and it did ok for a while. I switched to Thinktank, and I am so glad I did.

  6. Melody says:

    Both look good. I don’t fly often and haven’t with my camera & lens yet. Are these bags that I can do as a carry on without any problems?

  7. Thomas Hawk says:

    Melody, I’ve taken both bags on flights many many times and have never had a problem.

  8. Bill Binns says:

    I have been pretty happy with my Lowepro stuff as well. I have a little neoprene belt pouch that I used to carry my S90 in that is pretty much perfect in every way. Since I destroyed my poor little S90 a few months ago (beware the zipshot tripod), this pouch is waiting for the S100 I will be picking up soon.

    One of my Lowepro backpacks has a torn top handle. Maybe I will send it in.

    I envy you being able to use the same bag for all occasions. I have a house full of camera bags / backpacks / straps / messenger bags etc. I use different bags depending on where I’m going, what I’m doing, expected weather etc.

  9. Wow, this is coincidence… I’ve bought the exact same two bags, the CompuDaypack and the CompuTrekker Plus AW, at just around the same time you got yours as well! Though the zips on my CompuTrekker Plus AW are still good.

    I still use my CompuDaypack on short breaks when I don’t need to carry all my gear, the front compartment has a good amount of space. I’ve put it through a good amount of abuse and it’s still in relatively good shape.

    Happy LowePro customer so far.

  10. Colin Livingstone says:

    Small thing really,lost a couple of inserts for my nova 3, Replaced By Maury FOC. Great service from a great company.Nice to see them looking after domestic as well as commercial snappers. Now have three bags including Fastpack 250, hoping to grow into this one

  11. Alex Clark says:

    Totally agree, I love my Lowepro Slingshot and thinking about getting the next size up soon. It’s great that they were happy to help when yours broke, that is superb customer service!

  12. Chris Smith says:

    Based on your recommendation I will purchase a Lowepro bag when I finish saving for my first camera that isn’t a phone!

  13. bob towery says:

    All my lowe pros have been great. Now they send you two new bags, you blog about it, a few thousand people read this, and some number become lowe pro customers.

    For those of us in business, take note!

  14. Don says:

    I called about the split zipper on my Mini Classic Trekker, and they told me that if the bag shows signs of wear, they wouldn’t honor the guarantee. And yes, it shows some slight signs of the many adventures I’ve had with it (some scuffs on the buckles, a couple smooth spots on the material, a missing loop on the waist belt). I don’t know how you got so lucky.

  15. Thomas: Just saw this post on Lowepro. I’ve been sold on their gear and their company since I had a similar experience some years back. I had a bag that I had used pretty hard – it might have been a sling pack, the 200W perhaps, or similar – and one of the curved zippers finally decided to wear out. This seemed reasonable to me, given how hard I had worked the bag.

    So I contacted them to see if I could pay for a zipper replacement. They said to send it in… and a few days later I got a brand new bag in the mail!


  16. Mike says:

    Camera bags are for squares. They’re a good way to say “rob me” when travelling. I use a Tenba insert in a variety of shoulder bags and look like I’m a student. I take a disgusting looking 80s vintage shoulder bag I bought in a second hand store and little do people realize I have $10,000 in gear inside.

  17. Dave Yuhas says:

    I’ve owned a PhotoTrekker and a NatureTrekker. Excellent quality but both much too heavy.

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