American Graffiti

American Graffiti

I went out shooting with Sly and Charli and Jay yesterday. A few things about the making of this shot.

1. Charli is a kick ass model. Thanks to Charli who so generously gives of herself to make amazing art. The only models I’ve really ever shot are the ones that I know. I’m not sure why. There’s comfort and familiarity maybe that helps pull a shot off. I’ve known Charli Blake and Sly for a while now and they are two of the nicest most generous people you’ll ever know. This could have been a cool graffiti shot, but having Charli in it really throws it over the top for me. When Charli comes out shooting with us it’s not just hoping in the car and let’s go. She spends a ton of time with makeup, the right outfits, etc. She’s as good as they get when it comes to modeling and I’m lucky to have access to such a Pro at what she dos.

2. This shot is actually a collaboration effort. And thanks to Sly Vegas for much more than just being a shooting buddy. Sly got the *coolest* new flashlights. Coast Flashlights are the F*ck***ing BEST!!! After showing me one for 15 minutes Sly wanted to know how soon one would be on my wishlist. And guess what, he’s right. This will be one of the next photo gear purchases I make.

I know what you’re thinking, $300 for a flashlight?!?!? But, yeah, $300 is an amazing deal for this flashlight. The difference between lighting Charli up with one of these flashlights and using natural light alone is like night and day. Just the right light, just the right colorcast. I’m not normally a guy who really obsesses about lighting, but after seeing what Sly could do with this thing I’m so getting one. Coast should totally sponsor Sly because he’s gonna sell alot of flashlights for them when people see what he’s doing with them.

3. Also Charli and Sly both helped me process this shot last night. Charli helped with the crop and Sly contributed with the mask to get the right exposure around the edges of the photo. We all three processed it together just before I posted it last night. After we processed it we were sitting around thinking of a title. I’m hyper focused on shooting America these days and so I was muddling around American Art, American Beauty (after the movie), and all of sudden Sly bursts out “American Graffiti” which is actually the *best* title for this shot. And a perfect description for this place we shot in Alameda yesterday.

4. We had great energy going yesterday. Four good friends, Jay, Sly, Charli and myself just had a really nice groove going. I’m not going to get into the whole bust thing earlier in the morning because some things that involve cops are probably best not blogged about, but I know I was down, and spending the rest of the day inside this magical location with good friends like these guys was the best pick me up I could have gotten. Afterwards we ate some great American Steaks at my place and I think all four of us felt like we had one of those amazing days with the camera that you never seem to get enough of.

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  1. sounds like my kinda groovy day and to end with steaks~ well you cant get any better than that~maybe a bud too 🙂 Uber cool shot ~your colours go ping and your work in general is sooooo inspiring~ its like i only need a one second hit of you and im like ‘right then’ whats gunna happen now~ like a drug hehe~ cool as cucumber

  2. i don’t even know where to begin talking about the fulfillment of yesterdays entire experience.

    one of the best times ive had shooting since death valley.
    thank you for a terrific day, and a perfectly cooked steak, buddy !

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