Congratulations to Raymie Stata Yahoo’s New Chief Technology Officer

Well put on your purple parkas folks, Raymie Stata has just been promoted to CTO at Yahoo.

TechCrunch has all the juicy details:

Raymie Stata, Chief Architect at Yahoo has been promoted to the role of CTO and Senior Vice President, according to a post on Yahoo’s corporate blog. Stata will replace former CTO Ari Balogh, who left the company in April.

Stata joined Yahoo in 2004, and has led a number of significant tech initiatives across the company from re-imaging its technology stack, to spearheading search and advertising development work and architecting the company’s private cloud.

CTO is a pretty big position at Yahoo! I’d imagine. Congrats Raymie.

One quick question that hopefully you can answer as CTO of Yahoo.

Why does Yahoo censor flickr search results in Germany, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Korea? How does censoring these countries help bring about a more free and open web? Or does Yahoo not care about a more free and open web?

You can go congratulate Raymie yourself at the Yahoo! Anectdotal blog (warning comments there are censored, err… moderated).

One Reply to “Congratulations to Raymie Stata Yahoo’s New Chief Technology Officer”

  1. What a smart guy at this position! Now Yahoo will implement the age-verification system for us germans -I guess- in a month or so. May be then I will leave flickr. Compared to other sites using age-verification all the restricted stuff is most likely p**n.
    BTW: Censorship turns 3 at 12. June 2010.

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