Yahoo: The Internet is Under New Mangement ‘Ours’

The Internet is Under New Management Ours

Yesterday the Yahoo! executive who reportedly oversaw Flickr , Scott Dietzen, resigned from Yahoo! according to TechCrunch. It was also reported yesterday that Yahoo has now retained Goodby, Silverstein and Partners to somehow try and recover from their failing marketing campaign.

While Yahoo censors paintings of classical nudes from public museums, their employees are off getting public lap dances at Yahoo “Hack Day.”

How can Yahoo seriously expect us to accept their $100 million marketing big lie that "the internet is under new management, yours," when they carelessly and maliciously destroy customer data without so much as a warning?

Yahoo’s new $100 million marketing campaign should not read "the internet is under new management yours." It should read "the internet is under new management ours."

Until Yahoo learns to respect their users and their user data and embraces true community management rather than community mis-management, their outlandish marketing message will continue to fall on deaf ears.

Here is an open letter I wrote to the head of Yahoo’s Marketing efforts, Elisa Steele, regarding these problems.

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  1. Pye says:

    If he isn’t talking about anything interesting to you, why are you here?

  2. James Rhodes says:

    Ah someone else who doesn’t read your blog Thomas…. The question is why are you here ? Don’t you have better things to do with your time Pye ?

  3. Derek says:

    Oh boo hoo.

  4. Ryan says:

    you know those people that stand outside douchey clubs hoping to be let in?

  5. Shepherd Johnson says:

    Both comments state that the internet will be under Yahoo!’s management. ‘Ours’ referring to Yahoo! and then they coyly add the “Y” which is Yahoo!’s logo making us make the association that they mean “Yours” which they clearly don’t mean. Pretty presumptive of Yahoo! who’s services really do suck to make such a statement. I hope the company goes under entirely.

  6. Shepherd Johnson says:

    @ James Heather posts things about Flickr members. I’m a testament to that.

  7. Shepherd Johnson says:

    @James, you sir, are an idiot, sir. You are absolutely wrong. Thomas has done a great deal to affect Yahoo! business practices. Yahoo! is going to be taking a big dive financially when more and more people start boycotting their services and protesting their policies.