iStockphoto Gets Into the Logo Business and Shutterstock Buys BigStockPhoto

More activity in the stock photography market today.

First bit of news is that iStockphoto is getting into the logos business. iStockphoto already sells cheap photos, video footage, audio clips, flash animation, illustrations and other content, so this would just seem to be a logical extension of their marketing cheap content to small (and sometimes larger) businesses. Many small businesses, I would think, might find these logos interesting. I tried out Logoworks’ service a few years back and thought it was interesting. Logoworks was later sold to HP. This would seem like a logical move for iStockphoto to make.

The second bit of news is that Shutterstock has purchased BigStockPhoto. I’ve never used either of these services so I’m not really qualified to comment on them. Presently I’m marketing my own images through the Flickr/Getty partnership and ClusterShot. Press release from Shutterstock here.

More details and comments on these two stories from TechCrunch (iStockphoto and Shutterstock).

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