A Podcast Interview Robert Scoble and I Did With Photography Site F-Stop Beyond

My Pal Robert Scoble and I did a podcast interview with Ron Dawson over at F-Stop Beyond that just went up. It was an engaging conversation about a lot of different topics related to photography and online photography. We talk about how both Scoble and I got started in photography, talk about how Scoble and I met, as well as terms of service issues with photo sharing sites, censorship issues with photo sharing sites and definitely spend a bit of time on the show pimping our favorite site FriendFeed.

You can check the podcast our here.

One Reply to “A Podcast Interview Robert Scoble and I Did With Photography Site F-Stop Beyond”

  1. Great interview. This is the podcast that everyone should listen to, especially the people who think they’re ready to upgrade from a point-and-shoot to a full-frame DSLR. Since the podcast is longer than most of the other interviews that Thomas has done, they have the opportunity to go deeper into the important issues.

    Specifically… and I hope everyone reads this… Robert Scoble talks about how he loaned a 5DMkII to a bunch of new photographers on a recent photowalk. Although they may have had fun with it, he emphasized that most people can’t take photographs as effectively as someone who shoots a gizillion photographs a day because they haven’t put in the effort to learn the craft of composition, and they haven’t learned how to see like an advanced photographer. He uses Thomas as an example, and Thomas goes on to talk about how he photographs all the time, not just when he’s on vacation in pretty places. All of those tens of thousands of photographs that never made it Flickr all served as practice for those few photographs that soar.

    Good job, and thanks for sharing.

    Andy Frazer

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