The War on Photography

Over the weekend I had an opportunity to participate in a broadcast on KPFK radio in Los Angeles about the war on photography. The broadcast was part of Ric Allan and Doran Barons’ weekly radio show Digital Village. Also on the program with me were Shawn Nee (aka Discarted) and Peter Bibring, staff attorney at the SoCal ACLU. The half hour show was a good conversation about what so many of us are facing each and every day out on the streets shooting. I’m particularly pleased to see the ACLU taking a larger interest in photographer’s rights and was glad that Peter was able to be on the show. I think the ACLU brings an important legal perspective to the fight for photographer’s rights. Thanks to Ric and Doran for hosting the conversation and for bringing more awareness to this important issue.

If you want to listen to an mp3 recording of this weekend’s show you can download that here.

In an unrelated piece over the weekend, Carlos Miller reports on the case of Tasha Ford, a model who was arrested in Florida this weekend and charged with a felony evesdropping charge (which was later dismissed) for videotapping the police after they had asked her to stop filming them. Unfortunately Tasha ended up spending the night in jail for her troubles. Her story is a sad but all too familiar one these days.

Photography is not a crime.

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  1. You will be depressed to know this war is going on everywhere. Just last weekend I saw security guards at a local university down here in Australia trying to “move along” a photographer when they had no legal right to do so.

  2. Just listened to the podcast, thanks for the verbal mention , I appreciate it. !! I’m glad more people are finally hearing about the abuse we all go through for ART, although I’m certainly not glad this happens often enough to create exposure for us all, but hey when life gives you lemons……

    On a second note, I cannot believe what happened to Tasha. Too bad we don’t have any video of it yet, shes stunningly beautiful as you can see from her website.

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