Former Flickr Designer George Oates on Getting Fired by Yahoo!

kewlchops: Not quite what I had in mind.: “I stayed up until about 2:30am that night, chain smoking and talking to friends who saw my tweet and had responded – THANK YOU. I sent a formal request for time to transition The Commons program to whoever is to take it over: ‘A week should do it,’ I said. It was denied.

(It would be unfair to give anyone affected by the lay-offs special treatment.) It’s not just my treatment I worry about here. Such a sudden movement makes it especially hard to continue the program effectively, at least for a while. So silly. I sent a few tersely helpful emails before my email account was closed. Couldn’t resist. Don’t let The Commons die, you buggers! Can’t you see how wonderful it is?!?!?”

Pretty stupid move on Yahoo’s part in my opinion. The “Commons” actually is one of the more important things that Flickr is working on right now.

I’ve been personally shooting museums for a while now. In my own small way I think that treasures that make up our public museums belong online for the entire world to explore and enjoy. I think physical walls coming down in a way with the art moving online is a positive thing. George was looking to do something far larger. She was looking to work *with* the museums to get them to voluntarily release their images to the world on a much larger scale — and she was having success with this program.

Good luck in whatever you do next George.

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