New Artist of the Week Series #4, Jonathan Haeber

I’m pleased to present this week my 4th artist in a series of artists that I’ve been profiling at

Jonathan Haeber, or TunnelBug as he is known on Flickr, is doing a remarkable job of documenting the abandoned and lost places of America. From Michael Jackson’s now largely abandoned Neverland Ranch, to resorts in the Catskills, to closed and abandoned factories and manufacturing plants of the San Francisco Bay Area, Haeber is documenting these sites and locations perhaps better than any other artist in the world today. To see a set that showcases 54 different abandoned sites as of this writing also check out Haeber’s “Abandoned” collection on Flickr.

Part of Haeber’s drive to document these places comes from a long and deep love of history. He also studied English and Geography at UC Berkeley and cites his background in Geography as being helpful in what he shoots.

More than just the photographs that Jonathan shares with the world, he also provides extensive write ups and research done over at his website Bearings. I’d encourage you to take a read on some of his work there to better understand who and why he is documenting the sites that he is.

There is also a YouTube video out with Haeber sharing briefly some of what he is about and what he is doing with his art and his approach to photography.

Haeber’s work is impressive, the actual imagery, the documentation he does behind the imagery, and most of all to me, the endurance and passion that he shows with his growing library of imagery from the lost and abandoned places across the world. Below are 10 images that represent some of Haeber’s work.

Front Gate of Neverland Ranch

Grossinger’s Resort Indoor Pool – Catskills Mountains, New York

United Technologies Corp. Rocket Testing Facility

Treasure Island Naval Base Bowling

Kings Park Psychiatric Hospital – Long Island, NY

Ukiah Masonite Mill (now demolished)

S.S. Independence Cruise Ship Dining Lounge (presumably being scrapped in Alang)

Oakland Tribune Building from the Key System Building

Oak Knoll Naval Hospital, where L. Ron Hubbard conceived of Scientology

Charles Main Grave Site – San Francisco Merchant during the Gold Rush

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