My 2,000th Photo Faved 10 Times or More on Flickr, Thanks Much

The Way She Floats

My most popular set of images on Flickr is a set that I call “10 Faves or More.” The idea behind the set is pretty simple. If I have a photo on Flickr that is faved 10 times or more by the Flickr Community I put it into this set. Actually I add a tag fav10 on the shot and then use SmartSetr to automatically generate this set. You might say that this set is a sort of “Best Of” my work as filtered by a social community.

All in on Flickr, I’ve uploaded a little over 14,000 photographs to date. Of these 14,000 photographs, yesterday one of them became the 2,000th photo that I added to my “10 Faves or More Set.” The photo above. It’s one of a series of photographs that I took of my wife at the Seattle Central Library.

Thanks to all who have faved and commented on my photos over the course of the past few years. The social community and engagement are an inspiration for sure. The encouragement that social communities provide pushes me to want to make more and more new images every single day. It’s a part of what goes into the mix of my art.

You can see my “10 Faves or More” set of imagery on Flickr here. The RSS feed for these images to see them as I add them is here.