PhotoCycle Episode #1, An Interview with Michael Adams, Ansel Adam’s Son

I’m excited to post the above interview between Marc Silber and Michael Adam’s (Ansel’s son) conducted month before last in Yosemite Valley. Along with Robert Scoble and Photocycle Producer Rocky Barbanica, Marc Silber and I spent two days hanging out in Yosemite Valley, shooting the great places that Ansel used to shoot and learning more about the life of this legendary photographer.

I’m excited to be working on this video project with Robert and Marc. We are going to do lots of new things with the show going forward, including Photowalking Episodes similar to those that Robert and I have done together in the past.

You can see my set of images from Yosemite here.

Check it out and if you want to subscribe to the RSS feed for the new PhotoCycle show, you can do that here.

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Marc Silber’s blog post on 12 things you’ll learn about Ansel Adams.