Just Signed Up for Plurk

Davis Freeberg is Thinking About Doing George

Thought I’d check out Plurk since it seems to be the hot new site that all the cool kids have been playing with for the past 23 minutes. Davis Freeberg invited me to sign up for it and I was a little surprised to see that my first introduction to the site was a post from him telling me that he was “thinking about doing Geoge.”

I quickly learned that you have to hover over the message on Plurk in order to see a message in it’s entirety.

You can find me on Plurk here. I’m going to check it out for the next few days or so. I’ve only been on it a few minutes, but already I don’t like that they limit my profile to 250 characters or that I can’t include html links in my profile. I like to be so wordy and all when talking about myself. I tried to do some special profile stuff as well but it told me that I needed karma of 10 for that and I’ve only got karma of 0 🙁