The Photography of C W Wells, Through a Lens Darkly

Lolly Lolly Pop
Photo by C W Wells.

Spent some time going through C W Wells photography this morning. Wells publishes on Flickr under the name snailbooty and has some of the most interesting and thought provoking photography I’ve seen on Flickr.

Wells’ photographs are art and of her art. Her collections of figurines, toys, and self made ceramic figures are arranged and presented in scenses depicting an uneasy dark side.

From her artist page:

“This eccentric arsenal is used to create miniature scenes. Like setting a stage, Wells employs little toys, dollsí clothes, and other discarded or precious ephemera. This interest in readily available materials is deceptive, because Wells is a master craftsman. The plastic faces of the dolls are hidden by miniature ceramic masks, which she fabricates from molds. The masks may suggest Frankenstein, or perhaps hint at Captain America, but once they are positioned in the scene, they become something else: provocative, distant. Poseable and reposeable plastic arms carry great mystery, and the blackest humor. They help create still scenes full of life and drama.”

Check her stuff out and take in the stories and tales that they suggest and portray.

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  1. I just ran into this artist the other day. Amazing work, I agree.


  2. Hi there,

    Wondering how I could contact this artist? I am interested in her work!

    Thank you!


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