4 Replies to “Woke Up Alarmed”

  1. Tom I think this photo will actually induce seizures if one stairs at it for a long time. hehe nice shot tho.

  2. Perhaps you’d be willing to outline what post-processing steps, if any, you did to achieve the effects in your images?

    All post processing takes place in Bridge and Photoshop. 90% of it using Adobe’s RAW plug in with Bridge.

    My processing is fairly simple. I use the adjustment sliders with Adobe’s RAW plug in to adjust exposure, temperature, contrast, fill lighting and vignette mostly. I do this individually on every photo and just test out the sliders until I get what I want and then save that photo as a JPEG.

    About 10% of the time I’ll do further processing on the JPEG. Mostly this would include sharpening, some dodging or burning, possibly cleaning up dust on the camera sensor with the healing and spot healing brush.

    My processing is not very complicated. I don’t use layers or abstract photoshop concepts or techniques.

    Mostly I edit images to personal taste.

    All of my images are shot in RAW which gives me the greatest degree of flexibility in my processing.

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