Why is it That My iPhone…

Safari Can't Open, Blah, Blah, Blah

1. Won’t connect with a web site right now while I’m in the Ferry Building in downtown San Francisco returning back to me a “Safari can’t open the page because it can’t fine the server” message instead? The same “server not found” message that I get for any web page that I try to access. (Note, I just turned it on and off and got my slooowww internet access back).

2. Can’t load a TechCrunch article from the West Oakland BART Station to the Transbay Tube so that I can have something interesting to read while the BART train is under the Bay?

3. Couldn’t get a voice or data signal in Downtown Portland for over three hours (until I finally simply turned it off and back on)?

4. Couldn’t post an item to Pownce or Zooomr’s Zipline last night while driving from Mason and Post to Epic Restaurant along the Embarcadero (over a ten minute drive)?

5. Frequently won’t rotate my screen while it’s stuck on some internet load?

6. Types really, really, slowly sometimes while I’m loading an internet page?

7. Can’t get a signal in the men’s restroom in the Ferry Building in downtown San Francisco?

8. Couldn’t load a web page from the toll plaza at the entrance of the Bay Bridge to exiting the first off ramp of the Bay Bridge (about 10 minutes later) in San Francisco?

9. Couldn’t load a Flickr page while walking from Fort Mason to a parking lot in Chrisy Field in San Francisco?

10. Has never been able to load my Google Map page of everywhere that I want to shoot in the world over the Edge Network when I’ve tried to access this page on the iPhone at least 50 times?

Isn’t this new fangled cell phone supposed to be able to get the internet on it?