The Photography of Eyetwist

bowl. santa monica, ca. 2007., originally uploaded by eyetwist.

Spent some time going through Eyetwist’s photostream today on Flickr. Eyetwist has some of the best post processed images on Flickr. Definitely worth checking out if you get a chance.

Even more impressive to me was Eyetwist’s amazing collection of neon signage. As some of you know, I collect neon signs myself. I’ve seen a lot of neon sign collections on the internet, but very few with the quality that Eyetwist presents his with. Another thing that is super cool is that Eyetwist geotags so many of his shots. Geotagging takes time for people to do and it is a very generous effort for a photographer to make to share with others where they were able to get the great photography that they shot.

Anyways, check out Eyetwist’s work, you won’t be disappointed.