Nick Paumgarten’s Amazing Tale of Elevators

In Case of Fire

Trapped: Online Only Video: The New Yorker

Once I was stuck in an elevator. It was at 50 California Street. It was on a Sunday. I’d parked my car outside illegally because I was just going to run up and get some tickets from my desk and shoot right back down. I ended up stuck in the elevator for about an hour. Fortunately for me the call system worked and they had me out of there eventually. My car wasn’t even ticketed.

Nicholas White was not so lucky.

Nick Paumgarten has an amazing and meaty article on something we take for granted every day, the elevator. Included in the piece is a time lapse video of Nicholas White’s harrowing 41 hour ordeal that eventually ruined his life.

Thanks, Andy!

My photoset of elevators here.