Netflix “Watch Now” on MCE Extenders?

Chris Lanier's Blog : NetflixMC Plug-in Does "Watch Now" on Extenders

Chris Lanier has a blog post up on a developer of a Windows Media Center plug in who claims that he has successfully been able to get Netflix’s “Watch Now” feature on a Media Center Extender.

The Media Center plug in is called NetflixMC, but the extender functionality has not been implemented into the current plug in yet but has been tested in concept.

This is exciting news. Perhaps we’ll see “Watch Now” Netflix functionality for XBox 360 Media Center extenders in the very near term.

More on this project over at The Green Button.

2 Replies to “Netflix “Watch Now” on MCE Extenders?”

  1. I’ve been testing the MyNetflix plugin mentioned by Tim, and it’s absolutely great. No extender functionality yet, but it’s perfect on the Vista MC I have hooked to my TV.

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