The Joy of Discovering New Music


Earlier today I saw a few posts over at Friend Feed where people were asking where you find new music.

I responded that I find most of my new music with Hype Machine these days. I also use Pandora every now and again. I like the fact though with Hype Machine that I can usually download the songs that I hear and like directly from the blogs where they are posted vs. Pandora where I have to go out and hunt for a song once I hear something I like.

Anyways, right after I responded that I use Hype Machine to find new music I headed out to pick up a sandwich at Mastrelli’s deli in the Ferry Building. And I have to say, that deli always has the best damn music on. In fact, most of the time I don’t even mind the wait if I get to sit there and listen to some great music.

And while I was there today there was this amazing and beautiful song being played. I jotted down some of the lyrics and then found it on the internet latter. It’s called Aftermath and it’s by Jesse Malin. Something about the song really spoke to me. I’m going to pick up his CD the next time I hit Amoeba.

“standing on the corner
watching people walk on
thinking about a photograph
how so many people choose the lesser evil
living in the aftermath”

And so I was reminded that even in these modern years with all that the internet has to offer every so often music is still found the old fashioned way — you hear a song in a deli, or on the radio, or over at friend’s house, or wherever else the air might hit your ears. It’s a beautiful thing.

Anyways, check out the song below and enjoy.